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We also comment and offer advice to development control officers on individual planning applications where we feel there will be a significant impact, negative or positive, on wildlife and habitats. The guidance and links below are aimed at helping Local Authority planning officers establish what information they require to determine a planning application and who to consult for further advice on ecological issues.

The amount of ecological information needed before determining a planning application depends on a number of factors, such as the size and location of the site, its previous uses and the type of development proposed. The links below provide guidance on what types of species may be present on a site and what sorts of surveys may be required to inform the development proposal and the planning decision:.

  • Riley Rickart (Author of Conditioned Authority).
  • La construcción social del sujeto, Psicoterapia, ideología y poder en las sociedades avanzadas (Spanish Edition).
  • The Most Trusted Name In Water.

The need to ensure ecological surveys are carried out should therefore only be left to coverage under planning conditions in exceptional circumstances, with the result that the surveys are carried out after planning permission has been granted" paragraph If surveys are not carried out before planning permission is granted there is a risk that not all material considerations will have been addressed.

However, there are some occasions where it may be appropriate to condition additional surveys, but only if the full impacts of the proposal are understood at the planning application stage. For instance further survey work may be required to inform the detailed mitigation, or where there may be a time lag between granting of permission and the development commencing. This is particularly important for outline applications or multi phased developments. The following information should help planning officers in deciding whether the ecological information received with a planning application is adequate and whether the correct mitigation or compensation measures are being proposed.

If it is considered that adequate survey effort and assessment has been undertaken and that the correct mitigation or compensation measures can be implemented there may be no need for the Local Planning Authority to seek further ecological advice on the application and it can be determined. It is an extraordinarily powerful motor.

We know statistically that half of humanity is emotionally defined, which means that the other half of humanity is subject to the conditioning of the emotions of the other half.

1 - The process, investigations

And it means that all of us are living in a dense emotional environment. The first thing that we teach in Human Design in relationship to the Solar Plexus Center is to understand something very basic. Everything about being yourself is about making decisions correctly as yourself, and in making those decisions correctly as yourself, following your Inner Authority.

In Human Design we have two kinds of authorities. We have outer authority, and this is the venue for the mind. This is the ideal for mind. In other words, that my mind is potentially of value to you, but it is not of value to me when it comes to making decisions about my life.

Mind has outer authority. One of the great difficulties for most of humanity is that based on not-self conditioning of open Centers the mind is conditioned to become the authority, and in becoming the authority, the false Inner Authority, we are unable to live as ourselves.

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We teach anyone who has an emotional Center defined to understand that for them there is no truth in the now. There is no truth. And what I mean by no truth in the now is that there is no absolute truth in the now. It does not mean that there are not aspects of truth in the now. The whole thing about being an emotional person is recognizing that the way in which you actually grasp things is by seeing them from different perspectives. In essence this is truly a gift.

It simply means that they are responding spontaneously, which is correct for them. To be an emotional being is to have the opportunity to really see things with a great deal of depth. This is one of the most difficult things for emotional beings to deal with. That is, they never get to a point where their emotional system operating in a wave is ever going to give them percent certainty about anything over time.

Because an emotional being can never be absolutely, absolutely clear. See, the emotional motor operates in a wave. And it never really stops.


But how they make their decisions is what is going to condition whether their emotional life is really going to bring them what is correct for them. And all of that has to do with patience. Think about the way in which the clarity operates. Because the emotional system is moving in a wave, and because that wave is a way in which the emotional being perceives the world around them, their world is colored by where they are in their wave.

Everything that you look at has that quality.

Obedience to Authority

As an emotional being you have to see that waves operate over different time frames. There are some situations or relationships in which it can take many, many years for you to be clear.

Such as the bonds emotional beings have with their families, with their parents, with their siblings, with their children. These can be long processes before there really is clarity.

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What a difference our world would be if emotional beings could simply accept that there is no truth for them in the now. After all, the emotional system can easily be seen as a villain. When emotional beings start operating correctly, and when they start honoring their emotional authority, when they start being patient, not only does their process change because they get to make decisions correctly as themselves, but they change the lives of everyone around them.

This is so important. Emotional people are always being brought to premature action. This is part of the experiment.