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We want to be known as a church with a huge welcome mat. Everyone is invited and everyone who comes through our doors gets loved by us just as they are by God. We're not perfect, in fact we're all broken people, but we try not to hide our brokenness, not to discriminate against anyone for any reason and not to reject others in their brokenness. We seek to walk together in brokenness knowing that the love of God and our mutual love and acceptance will lead us to wholeness. Come out and connect with other like-minded men and build relationships at the church and grow in your relationship with God and each other.

Monday nights pm in our gym we get some good exercise and have fun playing ball hockey. Tuesday mornings join pastor Ron as we meet at Tim Hortons across the street fro the church for fellowship and a prayer to get the day off to a great start. Tuesday evenings pm volunteers from the church and community go downtown to Memorial Park to socialize and feed the homeless with our Mobile Outreach Canteen Truck.

If you would like to get involved just let our church office know and you will be put on a rotating schedule that would see you out once a month doing this valuable service for the community.

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Tuesday nights pm is band practice for those adult men and women who have connected with the bandmaster already, and who enjoy praising God through music. Thursday nights pm our adult choir practices in preparation for Sunday. This is a wonderful way to grow spiritually, praise God, and connect with other like-minded Christians.

Sunday nights pm come join us in a bible study based on a video series. Women have a great getaway weekend in April each year, and that info can be accessed by emailing the church office.

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Tuesday nights pm is band practice for those adult women and men who have connected with the bandmaster already, and who enjoy praising God through music. Come out and enjoy friendship, fellowship, coffee, prayer time and studying the word of God. Small Group Sessions Did you know that small groups within a church are one of the best ways to share and feel the benefit of belonging. Come see what these sessions can do for you Growing closer to God …together. Ladies enjoy an afternoon program followed by light refreshments.

Your small group is destined to die a slow, complacent, even cordial death without direction.

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Good food and casual conversation might be staples of normal small group life, but they cannot be the substance. You might be in a community group, city group, mission group, shepherd group, discipleship group, life group, or [fill in the blank] group. Regardless of what you call the group, you should be asking what defines that fellowship. Why is it worth spending all this time together? Small groups need a vision. For our purposes in this article, A vision is a statement of the functional purpose of your small group.

Why do you have a small group? What specifically do you hope to accomplish? How will you know if your little community is making progress and bearing fruit? I have found that developing a vision has unified and inspired our group in really life-giving ways. This might help make later points more concrete and understandable. As a small group, our shared life and ministry will be marked by these six aims.

I have added brief descriptions with each point to give you a better idea of what we mean. We will be persistent learners of one another.

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Prayer will be the regular, visible engine of our community. We need God every hour, every minute of every hour, so prayer will be our means to everything.

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We will look to God for everything we need, never taking his provision for granted. The Bible will play a central role in our community because it holds the words of life.

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We need those pages more than we need food, and there are always more riches to be seen, enjoyed, and applied in our lives. We read faithfully — meaning regularly and with the eyes of faith — and we read expectantly — anticipating God to speak and move each time we open his book. Our commission from Jesus is clear: Go, and make disciples. God saved us in order to send us. We are lights in a world of darkness that is desperately in need. Therefore, we are to be bold where we are, and we are to be behind what God is doing among the nations.

We will witness for Jesus where we are, and send and support witnesses where we are not.

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Everything we think, say, and do as a small group stands on the firm foundation of the gospel. We have been saved by grace through faith, wholly apart from anything we have done or earned. We want our relationships, our meetings, and our ministry together to be shaped by and soaked with the gospel. This message should produce the boldest confidence and courage, and it should produce the most tender and compassionate humility.

Lastly, we are committed to living more and more like Christ. It is not pretty or easy, but it is undeniably good and important.


Year by year, week by week, even day by day, we will be identifying areas of weakness or failure, receiving forgiveness because of the finished work of Christ, and then working together for change. Yours might be the same, similar, or completely different. The point is that it offers a few objective points that bring the purpose of a small group into focus and help you assess its health and progress.

It will take some careful thought and prayer, and probably some focused attention and interaction with others in the group. So, is it worth it? Here are three reasons to go ahead and invest your time, energy, and prayer into a vision statement for your small group. Instead, develop a clear and actionable vision.

When you identify things you want to see happen in your time together, everyone has the opportunity at the outset to buy into those things and then afterward to work together toward those things. Over the life of a small group — whether you meet for a year or for ten years — you will make hundreds of decisions, some smaller and some larger.

How often will we meet? Will we meet year-round?