Manual Crochet Pattern - CP18 - Bobble Twin Jacket Baby - USA terminology

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The pan has 2 cavities, one for each side of your beehive.

The cakes would be placed back to back after baking to bring this unique design to life! Width: 7. Create a choo choo train made of individual muffin cars. Nine great shapes from the locomotive to the caboose. This pan is a nine cavity pan with eight different shapes. Can be used individually as cupcakes or muffins or lined up on platter as the complete train. It includes an engine, coal car, boxcar, 2 grain cars, 2 tankers, a log car and a caboose.

Width: 9. Holds up to 4 eggs; dishwasher safe. Serve directly from the bowl. Widely recognized as the most favored microwave popper on the market. Also great for storing leftover onions and garlic. With the help of this short booklet from Coats and Clark containing fourteen patterns, you will be able to make attractive items from a simple scarf to a more complicated sweater.

The book will show you various techniques such as casting on, knit, purl, increase, decrease and binding off. Included are instructions for blocking, laundering and taking care of your knit treasures. It is a good reference guide to keep within easy reach. The booklet contains twelve patterns including potholder, drawstring bag and a granny motif scarf. You can use it to spruce up your note cards, or to make lapel pins and edge your favorite handkerchief. The booklet from Coats and Clark will give the basics of double stitch, ring and picot. There are fourteen patterns from edgings to placemats.

This kit from Boye is great for beginners as well as those who want to review some stitches. It includes everything but the yarn. You get crochet hooks, afghan hook, tapestry yarn needles, an instructional book and much more. Because this book has a good index in the back, it will make an excellent reference book to keep near your knitting patterns. We especially like the book because pictures often so vital in print instruction books are not of great importance.

CP18 Bobble Twins Jacket, Bonnet & Hat Baby Crochet pattern #18

You will understand it without them. Hairpin and broomstick lace are easy to learn, and you use 4-ply yarn. In hairpin, there are patterns for a baby blanket and poncho. The Coats and Clark booklet will give you complete directions to do these crafts. In this page book, the author, Kathryn Hodges, provides detailed descriptions and large images of adaptive techniques and tools to make the process easier and less troublesome.

CP18 Bobble Twins Jacket, Bonnet & Hat Baby Crochet pattern #18

She has written this book with hopes that her own personal experience with a visual impairment might provide others with the tools and confidence to enjoy stitching. This book is available in Large Print only. Not only are they fun to make, but also, with a little imagination, you can use scraps of yarn you have left over from making larger projects. Besides, they can do wonders to cheer up your kitchen on a drab or rainy day! There are patterns for primrose, blue flax, crimson star, daffodil, gardenia, poppy and peony.

Use them with magnetic tape on the back to decorate your refrigerator; put a pin on the back and wear them, or find some other creative use of your own.

You will also be able to use up little bits of yarn you have on hand from other projects. Gauge is not very important in these projects from Leisure Arts. They are excellent gifts and splendid heirlooms. And, they keep you warm! For example, you will find a knit sampler afghan using 4-ply hand knit yarn and a circular size 10 needle and a crochet chevron afghan made with 4-ply hand knit yarn and size J hook.

These patterns come from Coats and Clark. It is 63 easy to crochet pattern stitches to make your own designed afghans. The booklet is published by Leisure Arts. Complete assembly instructions are given. Assembly instructions are included. If you like to crochet, you will be able to make them easily as all color charts shown in the print edition are described in words for our braille and large print editions. Instructions are given to make each braille letter—you can even add a name if you wish.

Use worsted yarn, 7 needles and G hook. Our impressive collection of 52 wonderful wraps—in many different styles, colors, and textures—lets you add the excitement of the vibrant seasons to your decor.

A family album, you might say, of reasons and places to enhance your life with comfort. So to help you make the most of your stitching minutes, the best, fast and easy patterns are gathered into this indispensable volume. They are the favorites with a new twist in knit and crochet. Your own creations also make excellent gifts, and you know the recipient will treasure them. The book includes leg warmers made from 4-ply hand knitting yarn and no.

You will use a J hook for most of them and sizes 8 and 11 needles for the knitted cloche. These would make great Christmas gifts! It is made up of four types of mittens and four hats—some with two needles and others with four double-pointed. And to make the collection even better, there is size changing for all—children and adults. If you like to knit, why not take one of these along on a long car or train ride? It will make the time fly. And you also have the makings of an heirloom that can be used for years.

You will receive patterns for: sea star, woven basket, spring flowers, double star, pinwheel and swirl berets. Infants to adults, ladies and men—you will find styles for everyone. They can be made for children or adults. Use Sport weight yarn and size 2, 3 and 4 needles. The pattern comes complete with a glossary, discussion on how to find your right size and washing instructions.

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Garments fit a wide range of sizes. They fit sizes 6 months to 4 and you use size 3 to 5 needles depending upon the yarn. Again, 6 months to 4 are the sizes.