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Jenny and Forrest first meet on the bus to school when she invites him to sit with her, which Forrest gratefully accepts as none of the other students would let him sit with them. The two often sit in a large oak tree after school. Jenny teaches Forrest to read, while he teaches her how to swing in the branches. When local bullies show up on bikes to tease and throw rocks at Forrest, Jenny urges him to run, screaming "Run, Forrest, run! One day when Jenny isn't at school, Forrest goes to her farm house.

Jenny's drunken father pursues Jenny and Forrest, but they hide in a cornfield. A frightened Jenny instructs Forrest to kneel down and help her pray to God. She repeats, "Dear God, make me a bird, so that I can fly far, far, far away from here. Occasionally she would sneak out in the middle of the night and stay with Forrest, hopping into bed with him, claiming she was scared but never revealed to Forrest what she was scared of. Forrest believed this was due to her grandma's mean dog but the film implies that it was likely she was scared that her father was either gonna break out of jail or get released from jail and try to find her and abuse her some more.

Forrest and Jenny would remain close through their high school years, with Jenny continuing to urge Forrest to run, screaming "Run Forrest, run! Following high school, the two attend separate colleges - Jenny, an all girls college that Forrest often visits. One such visit results in him beating up her boyfriend, Billy, when Forrest misinterprets a playful make out session for Billy hurting Jenny. Billy leaves upset prompting the two to split.

Jenny though angry forgives Forrest and invites him into her dorm room. Jenny brings Forrest to his first orgasm by showing him her bare breast. The two are once again separated as Forrest enters boot camp. Forrest discovers while in boot camp that Jenny has posed for Playboy while wearing her college sweater leading to her expulsion. As a result of her photos however, she is hired to perform and sing in a strip club under the name Bobbie Dylan. While on leave, Forest comes to watch her sing and again saves Jenny - this time from men grabbing at Jenny's legs during her performance.

Forrest beats up the men and tries to carry Jenny out the door to which she angrily breaks free and shoves her guitar at him - walking off stage nude and causing laughter in the crowd and Jenny gets fired. Outside of the club, Jenny scolds Forrest for trying to to protect her. Forrest admits for the first time that he loves her but Jenny rebukes his claim as she doesn't believe Forrest is capable of knowing what love is.

She reflects on their prayer for God to turn her into a bird, and has a momentary thought of committing suicide by jumping off the bridge, but quickly changes her mind and hitches a ride from a stranger in a pickup truck. Before leaving she advises Forrest that if he's ever scared in Vietnam to just run away. Forrest promises and Jenny leaves in the truck. While Forrest is in Vietnam, he writes letters to Jenny daily - none of which ever reach her.

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Jenny, presumably homeless, is singing on the street corner for spare change when invited by a stranger to go to San Francisco. She delves into the hippie lifestyle, participating in the anti-Vietnam war protests, and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. How decked out she is! There she had to do hard work from morning until evening, get up before daybreak, carry water, make the fires, cook, and wash.

Besides this, the sisters did everything imaginable to hurt her. They made fun of her, scattered peas and lentils into the ashes for her, so that she had to sit and pick them out again. In the evening when she had worked herself weary, there was no bed for her. Instead she had to sleep by the hearth in the ashes. And because she always looked dusty and dirty, they called her Cinderella. One day it happened that the father was going to the fair, and he asked his two stepdaughters what he should bring back for them. So he bought beautiful dresses, pearls, and jewels for his two stepdaughters.

On his way home, as he was riding through a green thicket, a hazel twig brushed against him and knocked off his hat. Then he broke off the twig and took it with him. Arriving home, he gave his stepdaughters the things that they had asked for, and he gave Cinderella the twig from the hazel bush. Cinderella thanked him, went to her mother's grave, and planted the branch on it, and she wept so much that her tears fell upon it and watered it.

It grew and became a beautiful tree. Cinderella went to this tree three times every day, and beneath it she wept and prayed. A white bird came to the tree every time, and whenever she expressed a wish, the bird would throw down to her what she had wished for. Now it happened that the king proclaimed a festival that was to last three days.

All the beautiful young girls in the land were invited, so that his son could select a bride for himself. When the two stepsisters heard that they too had been invited, they were in high spirits. They called Cinderella, saying, "Comb our hair for us. Brush our shoes and fasten our buckles. We are going to the festival at the king's castle. Cinderella obeyed, but wept, because she too would have liked to go to the dance with them. She begged her stepmother to allow her to go.

You have neither clothes nor shoes, and yet you want to dance! However, because Cinderella kept asking, the stepmother finally said, "I have scattered a bowl of lentils into the ashes for you. If you can pick them out again in two hours, then you may go with us.

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The girl went through the back door into the garden, and called out, "You tame pigeons, you turtledoves, and all you birds beneath the sky, come and help me to gather: The good ones go into the pot, The bad ones go into your crop. The pigeons nodded their heads and began to pick, pick, pick, pick.

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And the others also began to pick, pick, pick, pick. They gathered all the good grains into the bowl. Hardly one hour had passed before they were finished, and they all flew out again. The girl took the bowl to her stepmother, and was happy, thinking that now she would be allowed to go to the festival with them. But the stepmother said, "No, Cinderella, you have no clothes, and you don't know how to dance. Everyone would only laugh at you. Cinderella began to cry, and then the stepmother said, "You may go if you are able to pick two bowls of lentils out of the ashes for me in one hour," thinking to herself, "She will never be able to do that.

They gathered all the good grains into the bowls. Before a half hour had passed they were finished, and they all flew out again. The girl took the bowls to her stepmother, and was happy, thinking that now she would be allowed to go to the festival with them. But the stepmother said, "It's no use. You are not coming with us, for you have no clothes, and you don't know how to dance. We would be ashamed of you. Now that no one else was at home, Cinderella went to her mother's grave beneath the hazel tree, and cried out: Shake and quiver, little tree, Throw gold and silver down to me.

Then the bird threw a gold and silver dress down to her, and slippers embroidered with silk and silver. She quickly put on the dress and went to the festival. Her stepsisters and her stepmother did not recognize her.

No one knows who built the ship or where it was headed, but judging by the amount of gold onboard, someone rich was involved. The remains of the ship and its cargo, as well as a life-sized replica, are kept at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Once a Greek sugar-carrying ship, the MV Captayannis has become a de facto home for birds and other wildlife since sinking in Scotland's River Clyde in during a terrible storm. The minor collision with a BP oil tanker also didn't help. The shallow waters around the wreck make it relatively accessible, and the ship seems likely to stay where it is, since its precise ownership is something of a mystery.

Built in in Poland, La Famille Express served a large part of its life in the Soviet Navy where it was known as Fort Shevchenko , before being sold and re-christened with its new name in It wrecked under mysterious circumstances around It now lies in just a few feet of water, an attractive landmark for boaters in the Turks and Caicos.

This wreck is unusual for being buried entirely in the sand—it's now stranded about a quarter mile away from shore.

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A ton cargo ship that wrecked off Namibia's Skeleton Coast in in thick fog, the ship has since drifted so far from the water it's now completely land-locked. Sweden has been celebrating Midsummer midsommar in Swedish for centuries. Most Swedish cities have their own Midsummer event, and many are marked by dancing around a flower-covered maypole, which some have interpreted as a representation of fertility however, others argue that no explicit connection has been found between the two.

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Businesses shut down and roads are cleared. That eerie serenity is broken as soon as you hit the main thoroughfares, which are typically congested with cars looking to get to the country. During Midsummer, both men and women participate in a tradition: They pick seven different species of flowers and put them under their pillow.

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Legend has it that their future spouse will appear to them in a dream. Due to the romance of the festival, Sweden experiences quite the uptick in its population. According to CNN , many children are born exactly nine months following the celebration. Traditionally, Midsummer revelers eat potatoes, pickled herring, and strawberries for lunch, and they typically imbibe on beer and aquavit, a spirit distilled from potatoes or grains and flavored with either caraway or dillseed.

Wine and other beverages are rare sights. Revelers in Sweden typically attend Midsummer parties in casual or garden party-type clothing. But some make an effort to wear the traditional folk dress, or folkdrekten , of their region. Participants make their own flower crowns, or krans.