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Seeing is the first step to understanding, so we built a device to take pictures, scan the view of Wifi space in a good 2 hours per view. We are working on a real time version now, where we will be able to see Wifi space in its dynamics as well. Marco Mancuso: I saw that some of your projects like Ping Genius Loci or Reconfigurable House are linked and connected to the Processing web site and exhibition.

Can you explain how you include generative tools and software in your work structure? Or better, how is your work flux structured in terms of design,. Marco Mancuso: To conclude, would you like to tell me anout a project that you have loved but that have not had. I am referring to the right column on your web site, that refers exactly to those projects which your were unable to develop in the past. If they could only relax and interact instead of sitting on the horn.

An old classmate Timo Keller pointed out to me that there is something very social about ferries versus bridges. You stop the engines, get out, talk, etc. What we propose is not faster then the traffic jam, but its much more human. Any city with a river could use this. Adam Somlai-Fischer: Avenue of Cars.

Italian Folktales

This is rather Utopian but i would love to work on this for real in the future, creating a giant conveyor belt around the Danube in Budapest powered by the river which would move around the cars, so drivers can get out while waiting to get to their exit, creating a social space instead of the semi-social space of traffic jams. Did you ever notice how much time people spend. The Spectrum of our contemporary society and particularly in art, is taking more and more the connotations of an interior world related to the artist, a personal micro-cosmos where sensibilities, fears and desires are imprisoned by a photo-machine that now with the digital has short execution time in favor of an immediate snapshot that can be real or modified.

Italian Infantry Weapons of WWII

Nowadays the public is used to revelation of photography thanks to television and cinema; it can emphasize the power of the digital image as well, where representation is something built or imagined, and the elaboration and metamorphosis rules and conditions our relation with visual. They move and interpret the world around them with deep sensitivity and attentive but also ambiguous, social and anthropological themes. The images show a privileged protagonist feminine figure.

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Artists try to grab, investigate and give back their relation with that figure through an approach and an aesthetic extremely personal and strong. She uses her body as screen to project the roles women are driven to assume in their life. Anyway it is evident and constant the extraordinary generative ability of the images.

The artist, who explores her territory problems, her affective memories and her love relations, feels this work. The theatrical dimension resides also into the works of Vanessa Breecroft, in VB The first one faces themes such as the identity, the body and the sexuality, investing her models of insignificance without seduction, but always able to represent their social role and exert it on others.

The second one builds video with tons of special effects that paint a feminine identity able to face also unexpected situations, founded on pleasure and creativity. Photography became art through Theatre. In this case, the feminine world makes aware more than the masculine one, which often talks about too many egoistic and. Already at that point they manage to get straight into the hearts of teenagers through the result of the work they conducted in the Montorio prison of Verona , by confronting them without hypocrisy with harsh socially engaged topics. The music is deafening, violent techno, the lights.

This young group from Verona emerges from a concept of performance that speaks about the war in Iraq , and it conceives of a different type of theatre that looks at the contemporary. The teenagers are asked to put themselves around a multi storey tower-structure which is the centre of the performance.


The actor is the guardian of the tower. He shows himself and reassures the audience. Three platform-cells, located at the three angles of the triangle inscribed in the circle formed by the audience are under control.

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  5. The actor dances. He provokes the public. The tower is not only a club-cell: it is the centre of the Panopticon, the circular prison devised by Bentham. As this clash was at its peak, First World War broke out on 28 July The newborn society found itself having to suspend relations with the mother house, the Wiener Psychoanalytische Society as Austria was on the opposite side of England.

    During the war there were only a few meetings of the society which, in addition, as time passed became less frequent and therefore also a few clashes. On November 11, , the end of the war was declared for which, returning to normal, resumed the meetings of the company and then also the clashes. The formal motives given by Jones were that by now the psychoanalysis had spread throughout England so keeping the old name would have been evidence of provincialism while the new name gave a national breath; actually since the old members to move to the new company, called Freudian by statute, they had to have an endorsement based on the scientific curriculum, such change served to Jones not to admit the Jungians into it.

    This comprehensive teaching methodology, which included theoretical learning of the doctrine, to undergo personal analysis and to practice analysis on others reporting on the performance of the same to your supervisor for the purpose of control and verification, it had such a success that it was then repeated in all the other training institutes in psychoanalysis around the world, so also in the London Institute of Psychoanalysis, and it is still the running model.

    In Melanie Klein, whose theories had strongly influenced British analysts, was invited to London to hold a series of lectures, he was very successful and was invited by Jones to move to England. In the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, due to the policies of racial persecution, kicked off a great exodus of jews, and therefore also of analysts, such as Hilda Abraham, in other parts of the world, but mainly in England and in the USA.

    A second wave of refugees occurred between and following the German annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia and to the alliance with various nations that accepted the racial laws among which Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria; in this group there were also Sigmund and Anna Freud who chose to move to London, where they were welcomed triumphantly into the British Psychoanalytical Society.

    The beginning of the Second World War, which took place on September 1, , led the Germans to occupy several countries including Poland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Greece, Denmark, Norway, France in which the racial persecutions were established which led consequently to a third wave of migratory jews. Three factions were born, one linked to the Ego psychology led by Anna Freud, one linked to the theory of the object relations led by Melanie Klein and the third defined of the Independents, because the members of it were not deployed, led by Ernst Jones.

    In Connell concluded his psychoanalytic studies in London andreturned to Edinburgh where he was hired as a medical assistant at Craig HouseMental Hospital. This hospital was built as an extension of the pre-existingRoyal Edinburgh Hospital.

    Writing Fairy Tales in Dialect: Giambattista Basile’s Il Pentameron |

    The origins of this hospital should be traced back tothe early death, just 24 years, of the poet Robert Fergusson Edinburgh, 5September - Edinburgh, 16 October , suffering from depression, forthe consequences of a fall, accidental or intentional, from the stairs of hisown house. In , seeing that a decision had not yet been taken, launcheda public appeal for a fundraiser for that purpose.

    In , Parliament granted2. The mother clinic, instead, was renamed Royal EdinburghHospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders in , and still exists. He lived and practiced psychoanalysis in Edinburgh until his death. Scottish psychoanalysts have always sought a link between their strongreligious faith and psychoanalytic doctrine. In Scotland, the most widespreadevangelical creed is presbyterianism which refers to the Calvinist doctrine. Ebooks and Manuals

    Calvinist theology is based on scripture, denies free will, supports the dual predestinationfor some men, which are destined for eternal glory and others to eternaldamnation and argues that civil institutions, wanted by God even when theymanifest themselves in tyrorical forms, they must be established on the respectof authority and of their vocation, that is the acceptance of the place thateveryone competes in society. His reasoningstarts with the remodulation of the concept of Libido that is not a purelysexual energy, but rather the force that allows man to achieve his consistentpurpose in the preservation of the species, thanks to the reproduction, thathappens, in turn, through the sexual impulse.

    Sexual drive is not the onlyincentive that pushes an individual towards another gender opposite, but alsofrom a set of physical and character traits, that arouse that psychic functionthat Connell calls Interest. For this reason he replaces the term Libido withInstinct of Interest. The Instinct of Interest is determined by endocrinologicalsecretions and, allowing the focus on an individual of the opposite sex forwhich one feels attraction, it allows procreation and therefore thepreservation of the species. In a way he finds the synthesis between religiouspredetermination and psychic determinism.

    From the moment in which the individual does not recognize or escapesfrom what should be his natural point of interest, begins the psychopathology. The hormonally charged energies on sexual urges, if they are deemed to bemorally inappropriate, not being able to discharge itself with the sexual act,generate consequences both deterministic and physical and psychological.

    From adeterministic point of view the sexual act missed and therefore the non -satisfaction of the instinct of conservation of the species leads to a lack ofmeaning of life for the individual and therefore to a weakening of the instinctof self - preservation of the sexual act in neurotic leads to the idea ofdeath. From a physical point of view,the undischarged energies free themselves on the neurovegetative system,generating various kinds of somatizations.

    From a psychological point of viewthe sexual act missed lived as a lack of Eros in the mind of the neurotic givesway to Thanatos which manifests itself as an idea of death. In summary,whatever the point of view used, the conclusion is that the denial of thesexual act in the neurotic, in turn, linked to the disavoption of the object ofinterest, it makes the psychopathology and the idea of death arise.

    Thepresence of a physical pathology, weakening the functionality of the endocrinesystem, it causes sexual urges to have a lower energy charge so that allconsequences will be less intense; paradoxically this undermines the idea ofdeath in the mind of the neurotic. If the first one is stronger than the second, than the individual will notdevelop either psychopathology or idea of death, while it will happen exactlythe opposite if the second is stronger than the first.

    According to Connell, regression occurs whengenital sexual urges cannot be fulfilled or subjected to delay or elaborate;this situation, due to the fact that the individual did not follow his ownInstinct of Interest, not allowing an adult lifestyle, determines a regressionto previous psychosexual developmental stages; if the regression isparticularly accentuated, the individual projects his sexual impulses onhimself, going subject to a more or less accentuated narcissism.

    Connell developed some theories on the etiopathogenesis of the main psychopathologies, based on the idea of death. Depression would be due to the persistence of the idea of death in the mind of the neurotic and retained in his psyche, while in paranoia the idea of death is projected outside through delirium in general, and that of persecution in particular.

    IV, pp.