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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Her Baby's Father. Mar 01, Vintage rated it did not like it Shelves: angsty , annoying-sibs , apply-two-by-four-please , baby-on-board , bad-parents , boring , boring-hero , boring-heroine , brooder , characters-behaving-stupidly. Lost my review.

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This was gross. I knew it was a brother to brother scenario which I normally don't like, but the blurb and the cover snowed me so I gave it a chance. The current affairs story of Hunter Biden having an affair with his brother's widow 21 months after his brother's death the day I read this book was very unfortunate.

I am done. No way, no how! The h and little bro dated in high Lost my review. The h and little bro dated in high school.

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Years later she received a call from him shortly after her mother died so she was curious and in need of company. Met him for dinner, she point blank asks him if he was seeing anyone; he lies rat-bastard dog that he is, and the h sleeps with him out of loneliness. Six months later she can't get him on the phone he gave her a wrong number so she drives to his older brother's house.

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She's always had a yen for big bro. They shared a kiss when she was dating the twerp that they both felt guilty over. Hey, it's okay as the twerp broke up with her the next day as he found a girl to have sex with.

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The H gets the twerp over to meet the h. Twerp denies everything and accuses the h of blackmail. The h also finds out that not only is the twerp married, but his wife is expecting Yep, little baby brother twerp is an asshat of freaking EPIC proportions. It gets worse. How could it get worse?

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  5. The little brother's pregnant wife is the big brother's ex-wife. Two degrees of incest. They divorced because the H was sterile.

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    Little bro apparently has Grecian formula sperm. The h tries to hold it all together with restraint and pride which frankly, made me lose all respect for her. Encounters with this asshat are what skillets, 2' by 4's, and hissy fits were made for. All offers made in order to protect the mother who just had a heart attack. Do these people not realize they are shuffling off their own kin?

    Chickens come home to roost when the twerp's wife puts two and two together and comes up with two babies, half siblings no less. Twerp pouts endlessly as he is the poor little victim although it's clear this is not his first affair, and that he married his current wife for her money. Apparently there was a childhood injury that led to big brother guilt and parental indulgences that created the self-indulgent, amoral, self-centered twerp in existent.

    An alcohol and prescription drug filled car accident puts an end to the twerp. The H and h end up together. In need of an epilogue as there is no indication of happy ever after with parents, ex-wife or whatever. Toss in the fact that the hero is not only faced with one child from his brother and ex-wife and now a child with his potential bride is View all 6 comments. This is a book. Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward.

    Thank you for following my reviews here. I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes. May 11, Lavada Dee rated it it was amazing. I rated this a five start because it was a good read. It's a bit of messy relationship that I can't think of coming out anything but disastrous in real life but I read for entertainment. This story does that for me.

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    Aug 12, Katherine rated it it was ok. The love quadrangle in this book was ridiculous. I hope nobody switches spouses like that in real life. Feb 21, Jennifer Gardner rated it it was amazing. Jun 28, Michele Lacroix rated it liked it Shelves: romance , series. I would have given this book four stars if it didn't have the flashbacks. I guess I will have to look at that with my own wip. Mar 17, Amy rated it really liked it. The only way this could be better was if it was longer.

    Or at lease had an epilogue. I tentatively asked if anyone there spoke Cornish. She said, "I do. Well, at least I am learning to".

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    She was able to translate the sentences and give me the pronunciations. Thank you Penzance!!

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    Julia Chapman is the pen name for Julia Stagg. She is the author of the Dales Detective novels and lives in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales. Tempted by a love of cycling and a passion for mountains, she moved to the Pyrenees in France in to run a small guest house. Her Fogas series of books was published by Ulverscroft in large print.

    Did you always want to be a writer? How did you become a published author? I was given a diary when I was five and that started it all. But like so many people, finding the time to write as an adult was difficult. It took a move to France for me to complete my first novel; it took a second novel before I landed an agent and a publisher. I think ideas come from everything - from people, from the landscape, even from dreams.

    But of course, not all of them are worth following up! You have travelled widely, and lived in France for six years where you wrote the Fogas series. How important is it to live in the location where your books are set? For me it has been important to have a real feel for the places I write about - possibly because the landscape and the weather are characters in their own right in my books. I don't think you get the same sense of place from a map!