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Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Outgoing wormholes can be affected by exterior gravitational and electromagnetic forces, causing them to connect to stargates other than their intended targets. When traveling from one gate to another, exterior forces such as solar flares can cause the wormhole to connect to a stargate in another time period.

In this case, the wormhole will then sometimes, under some unknown circumstances, connect to the source stargate. Matter can only travel one way but weak energy such as radio communication can travel both ways through a stargate. This can be explained by the hypothesis that the diameter of the wormhole is very small, possibly microscopic in size. Energy would have no problem passing through on its own but matter would need to be converted into energy and then re integrated at the other side.

The Ancient city-ship Atlantis used this method of wormhole travel to travel from the outside edge of the Milky Way galaxy to Earth in just a few seconds.

Jump points are artificial wormholes that serve as entrances and exits to hyperspace, allowing for faster-than-light travel. Jump points can either be created by larger ships battleships, destroyers, etc. The more energy used to create the wormhole, the larger the opening will be, so the stand-alone gates are used for heavily used, predetermined, interstellar traffic routes, while engines on ships serve as a means of travel just for the ship that creates it.

There are olso a Third much Larger Temporal Stargate or Supergate -used,often located within deep space or orbitting a planet much larger than the first,smaller Temporal Stargate through which a starship can fly. Dialing Each location served by a stargate has its own unique "address", which is a combination of seven or more non-repeating symbols appearing on the dialing stargate. By "dialing" these symbols in the correct order,located within the Randarian Temporal Navigational Computers or Nav Com,for short the traveler selects a destination.

However, for some reason not fully explained, the water-like event horizon breaks down the matter into energy for transport through the wormhole, restoring it into its original state at the destination. This is presumably because in the Stargate films, only other forms of energy can travel through the wormholes, which would also be why electromagnetic energy can travel both ways — it doesn't have to be convertemuch larger than the first, through which a starship can fly.

Nazi Time Capsule Berlin Bunker

Magnus is one of most advanced types of Artificial Intelligences ,in the known Multiverse. Magnus is able to speak to anyone who asks it a question, though the meaning of its responses is not always clear.

Did the Nazi try to build a time machine | Time travel was a… | Flickr

Magnus says that it answers in the way that is best for "your limited understanding. Magnus can detect changes in the timeline, but typically provides its users little help in figuring out how to change it back. And being in the vicinity of the Magnus when such changes occur isolates those there from the effects of the change in the timeline. The computer is programmed with an artificial intelligence. These computers are capable of a variety of actions.

Mostly they are used to tell the time, give advice to the wearer, and can also record and play holograms. The companions worn by children also teach manners to the wearer as they will not comply with commands if there is any insincerity in the voice, and only respond when asked politely. The advanced technology contained in the computer enables it to interface with other computers and any other electronic devices. It controls many of the functions at the Project Time Stalkers complex, has access to countless databases and sources of public records all over temporal space,by way of it's links to the Projects Halls of Time-a vast and infinate holographic library,plus holo space and so forthe and seems to specialize in calculating probability based on enormous amounts of data; during the Stalkers travels through time.

Magnum uses these abilities to postulate the "mission"the Stalkers must complete in order to make his next leap in time back home. Project Time Stalkers develops the technology to the extent that not only can they send items through the gateway he created, but also, with the use of a timer, to return them to their point of origin generally located with every time travel control. From Al's perspective, the Imaging Chamber is a large, cavernous room that takes the form of Sam's surroundings.

The time vortex sometimes called the space-time vortex is the medium that the TARD and other time machines travel through. It can be assumed it is some sort of Temporal wormhole,used by the Tardis,to travel in time and space. The vortex is outside normal spacetime, and therefore normal rules of physics do not apply. The Challengers of the Unknown have faced an array of villains:. He was later a member of the Project Time Stalkers.

He was later a member of the League of Challenge-Haters. A second version of her later appeared as a member of the League of Challenge-Haters. Bradford is a criminal who uses traps with a tic-tac-toe motif. This was actually Red Ryan's transformed appearance. Add category. The Challengers search for two scientists missing in the Antarctic and come across an alien race preparing to invade and conquer Earth. The Challengers must face a giant computer-robot, Ultivac, created by an ex-Nazi scientist but now obedient only to himself.

A scientist named Darius Tiko discovers a time cube which can transport him to ancient times and the far future. But his plans to take weapons from the future and bring them to the present in order to conquer Earth put him at odds with the Challengers.

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Shortly after this story the Challengers help the heroes of Earth deal with Commander Blanx and his Martians. A villain named Drabny steals inventions from the future to gain power in the present, and the Challengers take a hand against him. Juhl, an alien from the planet Zuna, comes to Earth to bring the Challengers to his world so that they may defeat the tyrant robots that have conquered his people. The Challengers stumble upon an alien plot to dismantle the Earth by means of three destructive creatures.

The Professor was en route to appear on the radio program but was involved in a plane crash but miraculously survives along with three other men. The four survivors decided that they were now all living 'on borrowed time', and banded together to start their adventuring career as the Challengers of the Unknown. Prof started as a master skin diver; however, within a dozen issues, that evolved to where oceanography was only his principle field and he was a genius in a large number of scientific fields. Rocky was En route to appear on the radio program but was involved in a plane crash but miraculously survives along with three other men.

When the group's headquarters was blown up, the Challengers disbanded. Years later it was discovered that Davis had succumbed to a life of luxury and been committed to an asylum. He rejoined the Challengers for various adventures. Later, he served as a mentor for the second group to call themselves the Challengers, though the fate of that group is unknown. The Red was en route to appear on the radio program but was involved in a plane crash but miraculously survives along with three other men.

Unsurprisingly, a novel about a time-traveling Hitler is a source of controversy

He flew jets in various conflicts but has now left the service. Ace was En route to appear on the radio program but was involved in a plane crash but miraculously survives along with three other men. Ace was the defacto team leader on several on various mission. Though having fought the good fight for several years now, Ace and the other Challengers of the Unknown are still active. For a brief time, Ace developed an interest in spiritualism and magic, but recently returned to his old classic-style heroic ways again.

The team had been waging guerrilla war against Black Zero a Superboy variant. With Black Zero defeated, the team returns to Earth, but loses Red along the way. Reunited with Rocky in Metropolis and hosted by Rip Hunter, the original Challengers vow to explore Hypertime, "the greatest unknown," in an attempt to find Red.

The other Challengers of the Unknown returned into Hypertime to find their missing teammates. June always exhibited a passion for science. Like many "thinking machines" are prone to do, Ultivac revolted thus earning the attention of the Challengers of the Unknown. June became an "honorary" challenger and remained with the team throughout most of their career. Clay Brody trained as an archeologist. At some point, he unearthed a strange spiral pendant.


Many years later, Clay had left archeology behind to become the host of a eality television contest called "Challengers". However, while planning one season, he found the pendant again, which began directing his actions. On the flight to the shooting location, Clay and the rest of the group survived a plane crash and were taken to the hidden city of Nanda Parbat. It is located in the Rocky Mountains. Deep within the private hideout, are all the comforts of home with short-wave radios, and the such, to communicate with one another if in danger.