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The exhibition of this archive is an opportunity to revisit and rethink strategies of direct action, rights to protest and community organising available to artists and cultural institutions.

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It will explore the range of strategies Gran Fury employed to dismantle barriers to health provisions affecting queer and minority individuals; directly attacking conservative media, the Catholic Church and political organisations that blocked — and continue to oppose — change in public health policy in the US and internationally. Music from Alex Padfield, Hiba and clubcouture. All welcome, no booking required. Scarface explains that the heist was a trap and he knew of Batman leaving the bug.

Batman tells Scarface that he had inside help but he refuses to tell who it is. Scarface orders Batman killed, but he gives in and says that the Ventriloquist is the traitor. The Ventriloquist denies it but Batman starts using his own ventriloquism skills to make it sound like the Ventriloquist is insulting Scarface.

Read My Lips

Angered, Scarface orders the Ventriloquist to be killed, but his thugs worry that if they kill the Ventriloquist, they kill Scarface. Scarface decides he'll do it himself, but Batman gets free and throws a batarang that cuts off the puppet's hand. The thugs then attack Batman, but none of them are a match for him.

Finally, one of the thugs grabs Scarface's machinegun and shoots at Batman but hits Scarface instead, much to the Ventriloquist's horror. The thug is knocked out by a batarang while the Ventriloquist cries over Scarface's punctured body. The Ventriloquist is taken to Arkham , where after a few months he is given medication that the doctors believe has cured him of Scarface's personality.

Read My Lips

However, in secret, the Ventriloquist has been crafting a new body for Scarface. Rhino : I ain't scared of you, but you ain't gonna trick me into taking a swing at you. You got nothing on me. Batman : You seem to have me confused with the police, Rhino. I want information and I'll get it any way I please. Who's your boss?

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Rhino: You want information, watch the news. Batman: You 've got a hard head. How about using it for something other than a blunt object? Police 1: A guy like that , I'm not sure a bullet would stop him. Police 2: Hey, I'm not so sure a tank would stop him. Alfred : You've had your share of odd opponents, Sir, but this one does take the biscuit.

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Batman: Ventriloquist's voice Shut up, you blockhead! Scarface: What did you say?!

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Specialist in social web and online reputation, marketing and communication. Eddy Willems. Eddy Willems is your security guru and will take you in the dark world of computer viruses and cyber criminality. Clo Willaerts.

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Clo Willaerts is your social media expert par excellence. James Bampfield. James Bampfield is a British writer, thinker and coach who helps to develop deeper motivations to work and achieve more fulfillment. Nic Balthazar.

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  4. An unconventional film journalist, a popular radio presenter and TV-host, and an avid climate-and environmental activist. Willemijn van Dommelen. Bezieler van Pink Rebel Company, gepassioneerd door burn-out en depressie.