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Should You Stick Around After the End Credits of 'Us'?

That's the point. I think the little smile she gives him is a lot of things. The whole interview is fascinating and worth a listen. It's also spoiler-filled, so if you haven't seen Us yet, for the love of God, what are you doing reading this right now? Go watch it, then come on back so we can argue about what happens to one of the Tethered when their above-ground surrogate flies in an airplane or whatever.

How Does Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ End?

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The video, with a Pashtun wedding song popular in Afghanistan playing in the background, showed Levinson complaining of poor health. Dawud Salahuddin, an American fugitive living in Iran who is wanted for the assassination of a former Iranian diplomat in Maryland in , is the last known person to have seen Levinson before his disappearance. Iran has offered a series of contradictory statements about Levinson in the time since.

Is it the end of US nukes in Turkey? Updated 08 November Some experts fear a US nuclear withdrawal from Turkey would create regional instabilities.

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Iran starts enriching uranium at Fordow amid reports UN nuclear inspector detained. Turkey captures sister of slain Daesh leader Baghdadi in northern Syria. Updated 09 November Topics: Iran Robert Levinson.

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Read more about Jeremiah here. When the Wilsons see four figures holding hands and standing silently, little do they realize what that stance means. Indeed, when the Tethered take over the town of Santa Cruz and beyond, they are seen silently holding hands across the beachside and town.

The original stunt was staged to link some 6. So what does it mean when the Tethered adopt it? In the same sense, Abraham in Us is also devoutly loyal to Red, striking on her orders and sacrificing his life for her cause. While Pluto is deemed the god of the underworld, he is also known as the god of the wealth of the deep Earth, such as soil and minerals, and was worshipped by farmers wanting a bountiful harvest.

Jordan Peele Explains What the Ending of ‘Us’ Means

Is Jason, a. Pluto, the sign of a new dawn?

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Breaking down the twists and ending of Jordan Peele's Us.