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A cause is an action or event that makes something else happen.

The Indelible Heart

An effect is what happens as a result of the cause. Causality is the relationship between one event the cause and a second event the effect , where the second event is understood as a consequence of the first. For centuries, philosophers and authors have worked to explain and define the occurrences of each concept.

Aristotle had his concept of telos, Machiavelli developed an early application to politics, and Hume argued its merits related to economics.

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Heck, even Boy George got into the mix with Karma Chameleon…. For the record:. Marianne K. Martin explored the concepts of cause and effect in her classic Love in the Balance.

The Indelible Heart Marianne K Martin

While that story primarily focused on the burgeoning love affair of Kasey and Connie, it touched on a tragedy that forever changed their world, and that of the mostly-closeted gay community around them. A lot of things have changed in the decade since Charlie Crawford shot and killed Donna and Evonne. At her lowest level, Sharon finally sought help for her depression and recovered enough to maintain her business with Kasey and find a new girlfriend.

However, news that Charlie Crawford is terminally ill and seeking an early release to die at home surrounded by his family, triggers another spiral that threatens her sobriety, her job, and her remaining relationships. Learning that Laura is back in town and not interested in seeing her, compounds the descent.

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Sage remains the only one who will listen and hear her, while Kasey uses tough love to help Sharon regain control of her life. Enter a tiny, helpless puppy, a speeding truck, a kind neighbor, a few blind leaps into self-awareness, solid boundaries, and trust. If you really want to, that is.

Martin is not simply an author, but a storyteller. Her characters are flesh and blood women who have bad backs and creaky knees. Her characters tell bad jokes. Occasionally, her characters look inside themselves, and find a better person lurking deep within.

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The Indelible Heart is built on a foundation of love and hate. It is the story of cause and effect, and strength and honor.

I read this book twice - the first time through, I had not read Love in the Balance , and that made it a much different book. Still powerful, but it made me question why I cared about Sage and Deanne, and why Kasey was such a powerful influence on Sharon. Latest Issue.

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Past Issues. It is strange, when you pause to think about it, that E. Her women are blushing, impoverished virgins, pristine of heart and fragile of appetite; her men, meanwhile, are swaggering Lotharios whose wallets bulge even more conspicuously than their designer underwear. There are its gender dynamics, which assert, with the stuffiness of a 19th-century provost, that men can hump anything they please with gay abandon, while women should save themselves for their billionaire employers.

And The Mister is no different, really, in that its male characters have power and its female characters cook and clean. Their relationship is crystallized by loaded looks over household chores, captured in paragraphs that are both breathy and unintentionally comical. I close my eyes and imagine how I could elicit the same response from her. Completely overwhelmed.

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Alessia, meanwhile, is a character so contradictory that she feels glued together out of pieces, like an alluring Edward Scissorhands. Her mother, to facilitate her escape, put Alessia on a bus to England, but she was kidnapped by traffickers who stole her passport and planned to force her into prostitution. James devotes a little time to the trauma Alessia still feels, having managed to get away, but this is not the kind of book that wants to delve into the machinations of how women are forced into sexual slavery, or the shadow economy in England that targets undocumented immigrants.

James retains her capacity to write sex scenes that last thousands of words in a row, but not without including turns of phrase that make you, as the reader, want to bleach your own brain. With her brow fixed in concentration, she spreads butter on them, and she stops to lick some melted butter from her index finger.