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Voices from the Middle Voices from the Middle is the peer-reviewed journal of the Middle Level Section—by teachers, for teachers. Voices from the Middle Voices from the Middle publishes original contributions by middle level teachers, students, teacher educators, and researchers in response to specific themes that focus on our discipline, our teaching, and our students.

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Voices from the Middle, Vol. Editorial Staff.

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Featured Journals. Each pioneer leader chose the composition team member to represent the vision of the pioneer group in the composition process. I mean, sure, we are all colleagues, but this project—a copyleft composition honoring fifty years of taiko in America— has a lot of implications for the future of taiko.

I want to be responsible to the pioneers, to the composers, to the sponsors, to the taiko community. What I forgot was that the taiko community is a family, already a team.

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Franco made the gathering feel casual and supportive and free, a comfortable environment to nurture creativity. But the rehearsal was not just a jam session, it was built around a predetermined structure that included a fair amount of discussion.

The structure gave the lead composer the ability to share his beliefs and methodology about composition, to reach out to the contributing composers about their unique perspectives, and to support Kate and Ryan by honoring those perspectives, ideas, and skills.