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I can't imagine any child not being inspired by the Narnian Chronicles's heady mix of Platonic philosophy, Christian symbolism and pagan mythology. Yes, it's another girl-disguised-as-a-boy. Alanna is destined to go to a convent to learn to be a lady, but she longs to be a derring-do knight. Disguised as "Alan", she goes to the royal palace to follow her dream.

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Sophie is turned into an old crone by a witch's curse. The twist is, although she's a meek and mousy girl, she finds it much easier to be bossy and outspoken once she's an elderly woman. So she braves the castle of the fearsome Wizard Howl and bullies him into giving her a job as his cleaner. From there, she sets about trying to lift the curse, while looking for Howl's legendary stash of young girls' hearts.

Wynne-Jones is a genius, and vain, cowardly Howl is my secret crush. Will Stanton is a very different kind of superhero — a scruffy schoolboy who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is an immortal "Old One" and destined to wield the mystical powers of The Light in the ancient struggle with The Dark. A classic fantasy, in which the hero's thrill at possessing great power is offset by its burden of loneliness and secrecy. The ultimate triple-agent, he's a morally fascinating character who's as genuinely unpleasant as he is heroic. But Stievater's in a class of her own.

And so is Luke! A faerie-assassin masquerading as — yes — a high-school heartthrob, he's conflicted, dangerous, irresistible … and tragically trapped between two worlds. At one time or another, everyone feels like a fake…" Laura Powell's latest book, Witch Fire , is the sequel to Burn Mark, a tale of ancient witchcraft in a modern world.

Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer Unlike most of the Greek heroes, Odysseus is more famous for his cunning and eloquence than his brawn. Viola in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare Shipwrecked and stranded in a country that's at war with her own, Viola pretends to be a boy to get a place in the all-male court of Duke Orsino.

Aravis Tarkheena in The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis Aravis is a princess straight out of the Arabian Nights, who disguises herself in her brother's armour to escape an arranged marriage and have adventures with her talking horse, Hwin. Will Stanton in The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper Will Stanton is a very different kind of superhero — a scruffy schoolboy who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is an immortal "Old One" and destined to wield the mystical powers of The Light in the ancient struggle with The Dark.

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Reuse this content. Most popular. And that each day is like a year,. A year whose days are long. But this I know, that every Law. That man hath made for Man,.

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And the sad world began,. But straws the wheat and saves the chaff. With a most evil fan.

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This too I know — and wise it were. If each could know the same-. That every prison that men build. Is built with bricks of shame,.

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And bound with bars lest Christ should see. How men their brothers maim.

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I must accept it as a punishment and if one is ashamed of being punished one might as well never have been punished at all. I know that would be fatal. I am not a scrap ashamed of having been in prison. I am horribly ashamed of the materialism that brought me there. I spent just under 4 years in prison. When I went to prison, I was petrified. I was a deer stuck in the headlights. I left jail a while ago now and I spend my days going back into the very places that I tried to get out of. The irony of my working within prisons is not lost on me. But I do so with humility and with pleasure.

I have an experience that none of you will ever have had and I want to help you. I want to help you help that person that was me all those years ago. You see, I get it, I get what you do, and I stand here in front of you thanking whatever supreme being that you believe in that you do it.

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  6. What is inhuman in modern life is officialism. Authority is as destructive to those who exercise it as it is to those on whom it is exercised.

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    It is the Prison Board, and the system that it carries out, that is the primary source of the cruelty that is exercised on a child in prison. The people who uphold the system have excellent intentions.

    Those who carry it out are humane in intention also. Responsibility is shifted on to the disciplinary regulations. It is supposed that because a thing is the rule, it is right. Let me put that into context for you. Wilde was decrying the summary expulsion of Officer Martin from the Prison Service for giving a child a sweet biscuit.

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    I say, the good prison officer is the person that whilst understanding the rules; realises that as with all laws, sometimes humanity is better served by common sense prevailing. I believe that all of you here are the Mr Martins of old. You are officers. You do set down the rules and tell me you will do your best to ensure I am safe, treated with decency and will be there for when I call for help.